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The team talks about the recent Disneyland Half Marathon weekend, where Murray ran the 5k and Danie ran the Half Marathon itself.  Main Street Electrical Parade is the next topic.  Then two items from Disney California Adventure are discussed - the new Fun Pass/Annual Pass for just that park and Tower of Terror leaving soon.  The end brings about "blue sky" ideas - anything is up for grabs for the future of Disney.

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The whole team of Mr. Daps, Murray, Danie, Annie, and Mikey are back together again to discuss news from Star Wars Celebration, Comic Con and Marvel news, and the final weeks of Disneyland's 60th anniversary.

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Mr. Daps and Murray take you on a tour through Hong Kong Disneyland, with some music even!

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Mr. Daps interviews Murray about his Shanghai Disneyland adventure, and with audio from several attractions and entertainment, including Tron Lightcycle Power Run, Mickey's Storybook Express, and Ignite The Dream.

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In this episode Lee Cockerell talks about leading operations at Walt Disney World and what he learned in leadership, then it's thoughts on the ends of Disney Infinity and Disney Dollars.  There's a small tribute to Alan Young, voice of Scrooge McDuck who recently passed away.  And finally thoughts on Star Wars Celebration coming to Orlando.  Present are Murray, Danie, and Mikey.  Mr. Daps and Annie took a small break to rest up this week.

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The DAPsCast team is all here for episode 31!  On it they discuss Star Wars Day and some of their favorite things about Star Wars.  Then it's some discussion on Shanghai Disneyland's recent trouble with locals.  Before a review of Captain America: Civil War, there's some reminiscing of Disney Channel Movies as they talk about the marathon later on this month.

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It's just Mr. Daps and Murray this week as they discuss Murray's recent trip to Walt Disney World.  Part of the trip consisted of running the Dark Side Challenge as part of the Star Wars Half Marathon - The Dark Side.  He also visited the Flower and Garden Festival and Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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This episode Mr. Daps and Mikey talk about their recent trip to a few of the parks at Walt Disney World.  Then, Murray and Annie talk about some of the changes to the Wine and Dine and Avengers Half Marathons.  Finally, all of them discuss their love of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and a recent review that is on Dapsmagic.com.

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In this episode the DAPsCast team talks about Frozen...which is probably nothing new with them.  In addition are thoughts on Agent Carter and Galavant's second seasons, Disneyland's AP Days, the Civil War Super Bowl spot, and Star Wars Rebels.

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Mr. Daps, Murray, Annie, Danie, and Mikey talk all about Star Wars and its presence throughout 2015.  Towards the end the group discusses their favorite Disney stories of 2015 and what they're looking forward to in 2016.

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